Digital pen for pc
Organize your notes with LogiPen

Convert your natural writing into digital format!
LogiPen NOTES is a new digital pen that captures everything
you write, sketch and draw electronically for later editing,
managing and sharing on your computer.

With LogiPen NOTES you can:
  Write on any type of paper, wherever you are
  View, store and edit your written ink notes on your computer
  Convert your handwritten notes into typed text
  Operating Systems: Compatible with Windows and Mac
  Export and write your notes directly into popular MS Office applications
  Write directly into applications on your computer using your device in tablet mode


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Full Demo
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Write a Note
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Download the Note
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Send Note to MS Word
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Installing MyScript Studio Notes


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LogiPen Software start menu

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Handwritten note

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LogiPen Product
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Convert handwriting into
typed text
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LogiPen File Manager

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Advanced tablet features
in MS Office

Screen LogiPen NOTES Kit Includes:
Digital Pen / Mouse
Pen batteries
Plastic refill
Receiver unit
USB cable
Quick Guide
MyScript V2.2 (optional MyScript studio Notes for MAC)
CD with LogiPen Application Pack
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Credit Cards
Note System Requirements
Microsoft Windows XP™ (SP2), Microsoft Windows Vista™, Microsoft Windows 7™
50 MB available hard disk space
Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels
Windows 32/64 bit compatible
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